Association of Lithuanian Accounting Firms LAIA was established on the 12th September, 2011, and is locally and internationally recognized professional organization, uniting accounting companies that comply to professional ethics standards.

The aims of the association are to represent the interests of its members in the relevant state institutions in order to achieve concrete positive changes in accounting, legislation and development, to provide real benefits to members according to their professional needs, to effectively exchange relevant useful information and to become the place where the members could discuss, solve problems and have a good time.

Recently the working groups of LAIA members was established for to improving of e-systems of State Tax authority, for to decrease burden of accounting firms work, for development of accounting law.

There are established 2 active working groups, working with the Improvement of Accounting services law, and creating the Standart of accounting services.

We are implementing European projects, organize qualification trainings for members, aimed at continuous professional improvement.

Our plan is to provide the quality control of the member firms, ensuring the company's professionality and attractiveness in the market and customer satisfaction with our members services. Therefore one of the goals of the Association is the ranking of accounting companies.