At the moment there are 55 members at the Association, from different regions of Lithuania, uniting 521 employees.

The members share information and ideas on how to improve the state of accounting in Lithuania. Our members are not competitors: they cooperate and consult each other on different professional and life issues.

There are 2 membership categories at LAIA:

The Real member and the Associate member.
Members of the Association and Associate Members may be Lithuanian and foreign legal entities engaged in accounting activities by paying membership membership fee and annual membership fee.

The Real Member is paying Entry plus Annual Membership Fees. The Entry fee is 240 Euros. The Annual fee is also 240 Euros, which is calculated in descending order of the number of months remaining in the year.

The Real Member may participate and vote at the Association's General Meeting, submit proposals and wishes to the Board of the Association, use all the services and information provided by the Association, access the Association's documents, be elected to the Association's governing bodies, vote in all matters dealt by the Association.

The Associate member is paying Entry fee, 120 Euros, and they have the right to participate in the general meeting of the Association, use part of the services provided by the Association, get acquainted with the documents of the Association and receive all information available to the Association, to provide and realize concrete proposals. Associated Members do not have voting rights at the General Meeting of the Association.

Associate members can become Real Members at any time and participate fully in the Association.

If you would like to become a member of LAIA and take an active part in the activities of the Association, we invite you to fill in the Membership Questionnaire: Request to become a member

Our Members